Nora Is ONE!

I hope that you will forgive my absence. Perhaps posting a video will help make amends?

My baby is ONE this Sunday.

It was easily the most difficult and most incredible year of my life.

Time seemed to both creep and fly at the same time.

My heart burst open daily.

Baby girl, the light within me bows to the light within you.

Happy Birthday


  1. beautiful girl. lovely photos. congrats on your first year!

  2. I've been checking in a lot lately. I had a feeling you were coming back. That was just beautiful. I'm so happy for you.

  3. Oh my God, she is beautiful! What a journey! It does go so fast doesn't it? Lovely lovely lovely!!!!

  4. PS Isobel has a new friend called Nora and she is also just one! And blonde and blue and translucent skin:) Now I will think of your Nora when we hang out together.

  5. that was simply lovely and i adore the song you chose. it's funny how music that is most likely supposed to be romantic in nature suddenly seems all about a baby! ;-) happy birthday nora!

  6. Happy 1st birthday, Nora! Thank you for sharing. I'm hormonal and pregnant and this video made me sob (happy tears, of course).