guest appearance

For this week's belly shot, we have a special guest appearance by my husband.

His excitement over this baby (and is he ever excited) just melts my heart.

so little, but so loved.



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The most amazing thing has been happening over the past couple of days.

I can finally feel the babe kicking.




Recent purchases for the babe

I've been massively restrained when it comes to buying things for the little one. We still don't know if we're having a little boy or a little girl, so that helps. I'm just about to embark on researching items for our registry. The practical stuff, like car seats and monitors. But I couldn't resist these two less practical, but perfectly gender-neutral items when I stumbled upon a giant sale the other week. The blanket is oh so soft and I'm a sucker for bunting. We find out the gender in a couple of weeks and once we know, I know that my restraint will dissolve.

Recent purchases for me

A combo of some maternity and non-maternity items that I've found (mostly, all steeply discounted). I've been struggling to find clothes that still feel like me and my bump isn't even that prominent yet. These items are simple, comfortable and are exactly what I would wear even if I wasn't pregnant. The dress is for a little getaway that we just booked. We are both in desperate need of a vacation and I'm so looking forward to our trip.

Just have to hold out to early March.


Happy Weekend!

We have friends visiting from out-of-town, so I'm looking forward to much french toast, laughs and likely playing tourist in my own city.

Above is a week 17ish (nearly 18 wk) belly shot. Too bad my rear is outpacing my belly!




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Oh my. It's been so long that I nearly forgot how to post pictures. It took three attempts, but slowly, it all came back.

These shots are a bit dated, from right before the holidays when DC was washed with snow. It was glorious.

We knew it was coming so the evening before, a Friday, we braved the just-before-Christmas-rush and picked up all manner of holiday delights including a tree and its trimmings, presents for the family, groceries, etc. all in an attempt to make our home a little more cheery for our guests.

That next morning we woke up to a very thick blanket of white. We suited up and took our dogs to the neighborhood dog park for a rolicking good time. We came home and had pancakes and hot chocolate for breakfast. A breakfast that was so good, we repeated it for the next two days.

I don't think that we left the house that Saturday. Content to set up twinkle lights, make homemade soup with garden fresh (um, frozen) herbs, listen to Christmas music and build a toasty fire. Despite my previous complaints that there was so much that we needed to get done before our family came to town, it was so good to pause.