gala. (via Elle Moss)

The days have been coming and going. Slipping by seemingly without any change, yet marking time.

Last week was my birthday. I'm not one for making a big fuss about it and I don't mind becoming a year older. What I do mind, however, are odd numbers. I just turned 31, though I'd prefer to skip right on over to 32. It has a much better ring to it, don't you think?

More importantly, and despite how much I do not want to acknowledge it, I am reaching a milestone that is bigger than a birthday.

This is the cycle. The one that sticks you with that label - infertile - Unlucky Number 12. Despite being an even number, it is not one that I'm particularly fond of right now. And wouldn't you know it, on this most pivotal of times, my lovely husband once again had to fly off for a business trip. So, I fear there will be no climactic ending for this cycle . . .

I really hoped it would not take this long.


if i could put it in a jar . . .

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Finally. It stopped raining. Sunshine just makes me happier. Sunshine and warmth - well, then I'm downright giddy.

Tomorrow, I head up to NY for my best friend's wedding. We've known each other since a fateful gym class brought us together back in the seventh grade (something like 18 years ago!!) and through those many years we've shared so many moments together. There have been those times that we laughed 'till we cried and others when we've cried 'till we laughed. Do you have a friend like that? One that maybe you no longer get to see as often as you'd like, but that when you do, it is as if no time has passed at all. It is a special friendship, definitely more like a sister, and I can't wait to share in their celebration.

Come on sun - shine down on their day!


Nathan Coley's Structures

I think that I mentioned somewhere back a couple of posts that while this cycle would no longer require an immaculate conception, it would be something of a long shot.

Well, as the picture reads "there will be no miracles here."

Though the pangs of disappointment are more dull this month, they are still there.

Right now, I just want answers. Guess I'll be needing that HSG after all.


dreaded day seven

sunset balloons by TiaraMia

Today is that dreaded DPO 7.

The day that can either dole out disappointment or hoist my hopes.

Because of last cycle's overly inflated optimism, I'm trying to be more like these balloons pictured above - floating with expectation, but remaining tethered to reality. . .


saturday strolling

The rain stopped and the sun came out.


a fool for petals

blossoms via polaroid (via mrs. french)

Before moving to D.C. I heard all about the cherry blossoms.

I am a fool for flowers, generally, but there is really something special about these trees. So fluffy and gorgeous, petals floating down like snowflakes. I could sit under them for hours.

Right about now they are *peaking* and I can't wait to take our pups down to the tidal basin for a proper viewing.

That is if this rain would ever end.

Spring is delicious, if misty.


Hillary, thank you so much for the Lemons and Lemonade nomination. Your posts and comments have provided me with so much support.

Here's the information on the award:
1. Put the Lemonade Award logo on your blog or post
2. Nominate blogs that show great attitude or gratitude
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As I'm quite recent to the scene, I am still in the process of finding blogs, but there is one that I stumbled upon where, when I read certain posts, it is almost as if I wrote the words. Please check out elle.


hello handsome

Meet the newest member of our little family. He is an eight month old ball of love.


I don't think that this fellow could be any more happy-go-lucky.
So far, his transition into our home is going smoothly, though, for now, our eight year old golden mix is set on ignoring his presence. I'm thinking that his sweetness will win her over soon enough

While his name is still up in the air, Emmett/Emmitt is currently the front-runner.

In TCC news, due to a ill-timed business trip, I was thinking that I'd need an immaculate conception to get knocked-up this cycle. Even though last cycle I could hardly imagine a cycle off, I was welcoming the break with open arms. However, my lovely husband managed to change his flight and come home a day early. So, though the odds are against us this month, at least there's a sliver of a chance.