lost it?

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Despite the fact that this memorial weekend heat wave has brought about a downright frightening pair of cankles, I cannot stop lusting after these shoes.

Sanity where have you skipped off to . . .



I feel like I am behind in everything.

Normally, it wouldn't bother me - there is always tomorrow.

but this bun is just about done baking and the behindedness is weighing on me.

I realize this feeling is mostly due to the fact that I have a mental list of *things to get done* that just keeps growing regardless of how many items get accomplished.

I'm going to have to just accept that we're never really going to be ready for our new arrival and that is alright.

We have gotten heaps done though like:
*Finishing the nursery but for some shelving and a seemingly elusive rug
*Painting our master bedroom gray (love it)
*Convincing my husband that we *needed* to sell our perfectly fine master bed on
craigslist and replace it with the absolutely amazing edlund poster bed from ikea
*Beginning the process of taming our jungle backyard
*Lots of other impressive stuff that is currently escaping me

Oh, and at week 36 (I'm behind on the belly shots) the dilation and effacing has begun. Though, I'm convinced that I'll still be puttering about very much pregnant at week 41.