New Endeavor

This year has been a year of change. Not just for my daughter or our family, but for me personally. I have struggled with my identity and my role. I have felt stretched in ways that left me feeling not altogether great. I was left with the choice of continuing to complain about the way things are or actually doing something about it.

Of course, this is much easier to say than to do. Change can be scary. And I was scared of this change.

But when it is the right change, you find the courage.

I have decided to leave my current job to start on a new adventure. I have been working towards this change for a while now. And I could not be more excited.

I am reposting my very first post on that website because it says much better there what I am trying to say here:

"Part of the magic of childhood is that anything is possible. You can dream dreams as high as the sky and there is nothing to stop you from reaching them. At least, that was my very fortunate experience. But like many dreamers, I have stayed safely tethered to the ground by some tugging of obligation and security to take a more conventional career path.

I like my chosen profession, I do. But, since the birth of my daughter, it has become very clear to me that I do not love it. Having a child has caused me to reevaluate a lot about my life and how I spend my time. I realized that I need to do what I love and not settle for something that is just okay. I have also discovered a real love of photography. Of capturing that quiet moment. That sweet smile. That perfectly imperfect thing that is life. It is both exciting and daunting to go about trying to live life on my own terms. Fortunately, I have heaps of encouragement and support from that same family that is inspiring me to make these changes."

So, if you have a spare moment, please come on over and take a peak.



Happy Birthday Baby!

Nora almost missed her party.

A bug bit her underneath her eye and it swelled.

and swelled and swelled.

It wasn't an allergic reaction, but rather an infection from the bite. We went to the doctor on Friday (the day that I was supposed to get everything done), but were back again on Saturday morning (sorry to the guests that arrived to no hosts). Fortunately, the antibiotics started working and we were saved from having to sing happy birthday in the e.r.

While her party might not have gone at all as I was picturing it in my head, it was the perfectly imperfect celebration of this little one.


Nora Is ONE!

I hope that you will forgive my absence. Perhaps posting a video will help make amends?

My baby is ONE this Sunday.

It was easily the most difficult and most incredible year of my life.

Time seemed to both creep and fly at the same time.

My heart burst open daily.

Baby girl, the light within me bows to the light within you.

Happy Birthday