Happy Birthday Baby!

Nora almost missed her party.

A bug bit her underneath her eye and it swelled.

and swelled and swelled.

It wasn't an allergic reaction, but rather an infection from the bite. We went to the doctor on Friday (the day that I was supposed to get everything done), but were back again on Saturday morning (sorry to the guests that arrived to no hosts). Fortunately, the antibiotics started working and we were saved from having to sing happy birthday in the e.r.

While her party might not have gone at all as I was picturing it in my head, it was the perfectly imperfect celebration of this little one.


  1. oh, nora. WHAT an adorable photo. i'm so glad to see you two are doing well. and glad that bug bite was resolved. sounds scary! don't you wish bugs that bit would just go away forever? i'm reminded of that every year around this time... silly swamp. silly mosquitos.

  2. That's such a cute picture! Sorry about the bug bite and glad it finally started to heal! I had a moment in the car today when there was a bee like insect buzzing around in the front and Isobel was in the back and I realized - wow, being her mother means protecting her from everything - including bugs and bees etc.

  3. yay! you got the perfect shot in spite of her bug bite situation. cheers!

  4. i don't think that last picture could get any cuter! adorable!!!
    xo TJ