if i could put it in a jar . . .

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Finally. It stopped raining. Sunshine just makes me happier. Sunshine and warmth - well, then I'm downright giddy.

Tomorrow, I head up to NY for my best friend's wedding. We've known each other since a fateful gym class brought us together back in the seventh grade (something like 18 years ago!!) and through those many years we've shared so many moments together. There have been those times that we laughed 'till we cried and others when we've cried 'till we laughed. Do you have a friend like that? One that maybe you no longer get to see as often as you'd like, but that when you do, it is as if no time has passed at all. It is a special friendship, definitely more like a sister, and I can't wait to share in their celebration.

Come on sun - shine down on their day!


  1. I do have a friend like that who I met in 9th grade. It is such a joy. Have a great weekend celebrating her marriage!!

  2. Hi! Beautiful blog. I checked Lula and there's no mention of her eye makeup on the cover, just the names of the stylist and makeup artist and that kind of thing.