beach bound

Zwei (via valériee)

My husband and I are nearly off to the beach for a weekend with friends. I was truly meant to live at the beach . someday . . .

In other news, to borrow a term from a blogger friend, Hillary, I am in the midst of Spotwatch 06.09.

So far, nothing. not even a tinge.

Perhaps those prometruim suppositories were just what was needed. Though, delayed spotting has fooled me before, so I'm hesitent to start feeling wildly optimistic just yet.

Maybe more desperately hopeful?

I'm hoping all of my dips into the ocean will adequately distract me over the next 48 hours.


  1. I love the photo. Good luck & take care. Try to relax while you're gone!

  2. Spot watch is filled with so much of that difficult hoping!! Good luck -- how awesome would it be if all you need was the prometrium?!? How many dpo are you? Have a GREAT time at the beach and keep us posted as spot watch continues :)