Hair Trim or Hair Cut

Just so you're not left with the impression that all I ever do is sit around and ponder my fertility, here is a post dedicated to my hair. Specifically, what should I do about it currently unruly length? I tend to go to the salon only about twice a year.

I'm am toying with the idea of cutting off many inches. I can almost feel the freedom, the lightness, the change.

almost. then I remember how much I love long hair.

Here are some of the inspiration pictures that are tempting me towards a less is more approach with my mane

via (camp comfort: Tuesday, Hair Day)


  1. Your hair is beautiful! But, there is something so freeing about braving a cut and changing things up a little bit. I vote for going shorter. I would say something a bit past your sholder with bangs. The photos you posted are great! I think you'd enjoy it this summer!

    Good luck with your decision!

  2. Hmm...your long hair is beautiful, and it looks like it has a nice wave to it that will make such a lovely short cut.

  3. cut it off! cut it off!

    i had hair to my waist for most of my life. in the last years i have chopped it and i LOVED it! most recently i donated 15 inches to Locks of Love. many upscale hair dressers will give you a free haircut if you are donating...just an idea

    good luck this cycle :)

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