Slowly, but surely we are making progress on where our babe will lay down her head. There was a time before I actually got pregnant, back when was blissfully ignorant to just how long it would take, when I used to day dream about decorating the nursery. I scouted blogs and magazines, stockpiling images and ideas. So many ideas. And then with each negative month after month, my hope faded, as did my enthusiasm for infant interior design.

A few weeks ago, and more than halfway through this pregnancy, I finally felt comfortable enough to get excited again.

This is really happening.

We bought a crib and then a dresser. Last weekend, my husband painted the walls. It's certainly still a work in progress, but I know at the end it's going to be such a perfect space.To help bring that space together, I've been sourcing some art.
Here's what I've decided on so far:

(the most precious baby animal prints from sharon montrose)

(an amazing mobile from Flensted)
(a beatiful print from Rifle Paper Co. I bought thank yous in the same design to use after my shower and asked if I could get the design in a larger format for the nursery. Indeed I could)

(clementine print from Jamie Shelman)

(alphabet cards in the loveliest colors from Ida Pearle)


  1. ohh, your nursery will be so calm and restful! we're staging our condo for sale, so leon is finally sleeping in a crib after 6 months on the floor. it's nice to have a proper nursery now. i love all of your picks. maybe in our next place i'll get him a few jamie shelman prints, they're so whimsical and breezy.

    have a lovely weekend.

  2. Love your choices! We have that mobile and the alphabet cards. :-)

    Didn't know about Jamie Shelman -- I really like the clementines!

  3. love the art you chose, esp the baby animal prints. they're adorable. And yes, this is REALLY happening for you!!

  4. Those Sharon Montrose prints will be in my future nursery. They are unbelievable. I saw a new GIRAFFE on A Cup of Jo today.

  5. Did you see Stephanie linked to you? http://www.stephmodo.com/2010/05/fruit-watercolors.html

    We need a new belly shot, BTW!!