via (mirjan.)

maybe it's the rain. maybe it's because I have to work all weekend. but, i'm pretty sure that it's because, for the first time, I'm truly starting to realize that this isn't going to happen.

at least, not the way that I had thought.

i've been pushing down the truth. however, at least for today, it's not letting me brush it aside.

but, how can i make the decisions i'm facing when i don't have the information much less the answers.

i feel so discouraged.

so very sad.


  1. Sorry that you're feeling sad. It is so easy to get discouraged. Everytime AF comes along, it's a "dammit moment" that's for sure. IF sucks! Take care of yourself! Hugs...

  2. My heart just sank. Hoping that happiness finds you this week. LOVE the photo.

  3. You wrote the words exactly as they have crossed my mind so many times. I vacillate between hopefulness and despair throughout each month and each month the despair days seem to grow longer. Hope you can find some joy through these difficult times.

  4. I have been exactly where you are so many times. I am sure I will again. Thinking of you, sweetie.