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The emotional journey that is infertility takes its toll after a while. It is an understatement to say that being flung back and forth between hopefulness and disappointment is difficult. It is impossible not to get discouraged.

But, at least for now, the hopefulness has returned.

Over the weekend, my husband and I discussed our options. While they are far from ideal, we've made the decision to move forward with a clomid/iui. The monitoring that occurs during this process was the deciding factor. I'm starting to feel more and more like there is a potential implantation issue. Ultrasounds will confirm that I actually ovulate and will also be able to provide information about the "state" of my uterine lining. My health insurance doesn't cover any of this. Since we would be paying for all of these monitoring costs already, our doctor suggesting that it might make sense to go ahead and add the "insemination" part.

The logic makes sense to us.

I just called and made the appointment.

I have blood work and an ultrasound scheduled for this Thursday.

I feel hopeful that regardless of whether the iui portion is successful, at least we may have more answers than we do now.

Here's to hoping. Please stop letting us down.


  1. How exciting!! It sounds like a wise decision and I'm hopeful for you.

  2. i'm so sorry your insurance doesn't cover this. here in mass. fertility treatments are covered. i wish it were the same everywhere.

    lots of hope heading your way...

  3. Love your posts & the great images you include on your blog.

    So exciting that you are so close to knowing what's going with your body. And that much closer to meeting your child.

    Best of luck with the IUI


  4. Making the move to do treatments helps take away the helpless feeling IF brings. Best of luck!

  5. Good luck Lovely in your appointment tomorrow.

  6. I am very hopeful for you. The thing that's good is that you are moving forward. Being stagnant is what gets to me sometimes. Doing something new is like shaking things up and when the dust settles, I hope it settles differently than it has in the past. Best of luck. I'll be following your progress through it.