salt air

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We just got back from a vacation in North Carolina. It was such a luxury to wake up each morning to the ocean and the sun. I think that I'm meant to live near the water, but somehow I've managed to wind up miles from the shore.

Together with my father, older brother, his wife and their baby, we strung together a week of perfectly contented leisure. I only wish that it could have continued for a bit longer.

I promised myself that I would not take any pregnancy tests while I was away. I can still vividly remember last year - We were all together at the same place, though my older brother was absent (baby too young) and my younger brother and wife were present (absent this year because expecting first baby in August). It was our second month of trying and for three of the mornings, I snuck into the bathroom with a pregnancy test, so damn hopeful that the there'd be a second line. Of course there wasn't and there hasn't been.

This year, I waited until we got back to Washington.


Right about now, I am wishing that I was back on the front porch of our rental house, sitting in a rocking chair, taking in the breeze, looking out over the ocean, and hoping.


  1. I have memories like that too....sneaking into the bathroom to POAS very much expecting a positive. :(

    Glad you had a nice vacation (and didn't test while you were there!)

  2. Last September, while we were at the beach, I found out I was pregnant. We were so excited. Then, two weeks later, I found out it was ectopic. It's hard to go back to that beach again...

    BTW - which beach in N.C. did you go to? We always go to the OBX. Love it!

  3. beautiful photo. i'm sorry about your negative test though..: (

    i love your new haircut.

  4. i love love love your blog. i'm so sorry about the negative. it never stops hurting.