a perfect pause

(via Neil Krug)

This weekend was just what I needed.

A new haircut, good times with friends, camping in a backyard, the most delicious garden-grown tomato salad.

I think though that my most favorite bit was realizing that a hotel pool in our neighborhood offers day passes. My husband and I spent Sunday lounging and swimming and reading.

It was the perfect pause and the kind of day that just is summer.


  1. Don't you just love the seasons and how they make us appreciate the little things that much more?? Thrilled you had a nice summer weekend :)

  2. Hello:)

    I just came across your blog via wikstenmade when leaving a comment. I was surpised to see that we BOTH recently chopped off our long locks, BOTH wore plaid in our before pictures, and BOTH used Alexa Chung for inspiration! Pretty crazy cool. I just chopped off my hair yesterday and LOVE it. Just wanted to say your blog is lovely and wanted to share with you the coincidences :)

  3. Alexa Cheung has the best taste in hair and clothes- check out her own camera pics on twitter, but your weekend sounds so lovely too.