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(via Loveology)

My husband is not a father and I am not a mother.


but we do have each other.

and I am very glad for that.


  1. I'm sorry...crappy news. Big hug. Take care & give each other a big hug!

  2. what a beautiful post, and a beautiful photo to go along with it. it's always nice to just curl up in your loves hug or arms when you're frustrated with anything-- having each other means everything. and it helps a whole lot too.

  3. what powerful photos! Sorry to hear about your struggles...but, to be cliche, it's about the journey not the destination (but only those who have reached their destination actually find any solice in that saying!)

  4. hi jones. thanks for commenting on my blog. your blog is beautiful. i love all the photos. what you say is true. my husband is awesome and i always feel lucky to have him.

  5. Hi, I recently stumbled on your blog; your pictures are beautiful.

    I love your comment about "buying" your family. We are buying our way there right now as well.