Full Term

A few days ago, we reached a milestone -- This babe is full term.

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have reached this point.

Now if we could only decide on a name.


  1. Woo-wee, I know how great that feeling is (we just crossed that line on Wednesday). A whole new feeling of anticipation. Congrats. I definitely also hear you on the name thing....


  2. Congrats! We didn't decide on a name until we were in the hospital in labor!

  3. If you're like we are, you will have to meet your baby before you can choose a name. Congrats on full term. She will be here anytime!!

  4. yes!!! you look great. any day now....

  5. i was pretty set on a name but when he was born, a different name popped into my head. my favorite name blog is 'you can't call it it.' i still read it occasionally to keep up with all the fun names out there.

    that striped top is so cute. it's funny how they say not to wear horizontal stripes while pregnant. i really can't think of a better look!

  6. You look fabulous! The name will come in time, I'm sure. Have a GREAT last few weeks.

  7. i remember this feeling. and i loved it.
    you did good baking~ as my grandma used to say
    : )

    blessings to you and your family.

  8. You look amazing! I can't believe she's almost here. Names are so, so fun, especially girl names. Good luck with the name, and everything.