Blizzard Belly Shot

So, it's snowing here in DC. Really snowing.

I thought that I'd memorialize the storm for the little one.

Happy 21ish weeks baby!


  1. oh, what a cute photo! enjoy the snow, it sounds like quite the storm

  2. What a great photo! One your little one will cherish in future years, no doubt.
    You have certainly gotten a lot of snow in the mid-Atlantic this year! So pretty!

  3. Love the picture! I think the snow is headed our way. We don't need any more!

  4. you look so radiant. beautiful photo. i'm sure your baby girl will appreciate it one day!

  5. You look gorgeous! It's so fun to read your blog because we're almost at exactly the same place (I'm 22weeks on Friday). I can't comment on your blog from home though, only from work (I'm not sure why). Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. Keep on posting. It's so fun to read about your experiences! And I LOVE your photographs!

    Kait @ esperanzasays.wordpress.com

  6. I looove the belly picture in the snow :) What a memory!