pump the positivity?

via (i_hear_noises')

This was easy to feel when I was strolling in the gorgeous weekend weather with my pups, working with my husband to pull our place together, thinking about all of the wonderful things that we have going for us.

Good families, good jobs, good relationship.

of course it could be worse.

but, as good as it is, it remains incomplete.


  1. It could be worse, yes. But unfortunately with infertility it seems to just keep getting worse and worse over time. DH keeps saying things are bound to be looking up soon. Really? I don't know...

  2. Sorry, just realized what at downer that comment was :(. Guess it's just one of those days.

  3. no need to apologize. i think your feelings are echoed in the ambivalence of my own post.

  4. *sigh* i feel ya

    it could be worse, but the longer i tell myself that, the bigger the gaping hole in my heart from infertility seems to get

  5. I can so much relate to these posts AND comments. While I'm in a decent place at the moment...infertility is really tough. And some days it is overwhelming.

  6. I struggle with that sentiment as well. There are so many good things in our lives...so much to be thankful for...so many things to be happy about...yet missing that one final piece. It's so good to know others share these feelings.

  7. My sister is going through what you are right now. For them it is pretty much a waiting game (they have checked out fine, but 18 months has passed), and every month I hope that this is it. Lucy and Audrey are busting for a cousin!

    Best wishes on this journey. Though remember, once it happens you'll never get a full nights rest again :)

  8. It's amazing how hard the struggle is sometime to remind yourself of all you DO have rather than all you don't. Particularly when what you don't have is something so primal as a child.

    I hope that your journey is successful though and you get all that you're dreaming of.