via (Charles Fredrik)

Our labor day weekend might not have been relaxing, but it was successful. We managed to perform a much needed *face lift* on our bathroom, complete (almost) a patch on a plaster wall, and declutter our apartment (for the most part). All that's left (ha) is to touch up some paint, move the clutter to a temporary storage unit, attempt a *face lift* on the kitchen, install new shades and clean, clean, clean.

While I don't particularly look forward to sanding spackle after a long day of work, all of this home improvement business has pretty effectively distracted me from the loathsome two week wait. I'm at DPO 6. just waiting. and wishing.

Thanks for all of the congratulations on the house. It really is a fine place and happily, the home inspection, conducted earlier this morning revealed that there are no big issues!


  1. You do have a lot on your plate -- moving and packing and all these home improvements will definitely keep you busy. Hopefully so busy that the next week flies by without any worry and you're pregnant :)

  2. I'm impressed that you and your husband are doing these home improvements on your own. Both B and I are pretty pathetic when it comes to any work around the house. I'm glad that your hard work has also turned out to be a nice distraction.

  3. Hope the place is in great shape in no time and sells quickly! When will you move to the new digs?

    The 2WW will fly by this month, I'm sure.