I know that when I started writing about our struggles to start a family, I was hoping that it would be a somewhat therapeutic experience. an outlet. for something that I was too afraid to admit to myself. but something that was beginning to suffocate me.

I'm don't think, at that time, I fully appreciated just how the support and understanding of people that I have never met would come to mean so much. You have all been so generous with your time and your thoughts, whether you are experiencing this struggle or not.

It's good to no longer feel so alone.


  1. As always, perfect picture. And thank you back!


  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    It is truly amazing how sweet and generous perfect strangers can be when you reach out for support through blogging. It makes each day easier for me, that's for sure...

  3. I love that photo! Take care & have a good weekend!

  4. this is why i love blogging. it has made me more aware of how rich our experiences become when shared with others.

  5. Thanks for the comment. I too think it feels so good to not be alone anymore. Beautifully put!

  6. hi, found your blog via wikstenmade. it's lovely...beautiful images and a bittersweet, melancholic feel.