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As promised update:

Despite being meet with: "lots of good news to share, lots of good news"

What we actually heard - mind you without a lot of bedside manner - was that:

(1) Medical science has no idea why we don't have a baby
(2) Despite that lack of knowledge, interventions are our only hope

hmmmm. not exactly what we were hoping for.

I was truly expecting that there would be some type of secondary round of *diagnostics.* More sophisticated tests, specifically designed to eliminate all of this *unexplainedness.*

Apparently, that is not the case.

We simply fall into a category and then the blunt objects that are fertility inteventions are waived in our face.

her: "I would recommend clomid and iui"
me: (referring to the clomid) "I thought I didn't have a problem ovulating"
her: "Well everything seems to be pointing to the fact that you don't, but this is basically our frontline intervention"
me: (apparently not effectively explaining that while I'm not necessarily against interventions per se, I would like to understand that they are actually serving a purpose and not simply being prescribed because that is what's done for everyone. I'm not everyone dammit.) "It kind of seems like 'trying to force a square peg into a round hole' approach." (also, apparently confusing my analogies)

unexplained infertility is frustrating.

having an apathetic doctor who claims to be empathetic is frustrating.

I think a little bit of time to mull all of this over will help. But right about now, I'm back to where I was when I began this blog - fighting back the tears as I sit in my office (and contemplating running away to live a simplier life in the Caribbean)


  1. Ugh. I too get frustrated with the "one size fits all" approach. I asked essentially the same question to our RE ("so even though I'm ovulating regularly, I should still try Clomid?") and was met with essentially the same response. Mine said that really, unless there is a pregnancy, they can't be certain that ovulation actually occurred, so Clomid is a fairly non-invasive first step. And even though I haven't tried Clomid (yet), if it's any consolation, I have several close friends who tried it and were successful. Thinking of you, and sorry for the frustrating appointment.

  2. Sorry the appointment left you less than hopeful. Being unexplained sounds so difficult, and even though I'm not I, too, feel like they try to fit everyone into the same box for treatments. ((hugs))

  3. hey, would you mind sending me your email address? i had a couple q's for you...

    also, sorry about the frustrating appointment. i hate those. i think we should talk!

  4. Ugh. I understand what you are going through.I am also dealing with unexplained infertility. I just completed 6 months of various doses of Clomid/IUI combo, with no luck.
    I too seem to have no problems ovulating, so I don't really understand what it is the Clomid was helping. Instead, it seems to have made my uterine lining too thin for implantation to occur. I feel like I wasted 6 months! Grrr. Now onto Femara...