The Harbinger

(via *Cinnamon)

Yesterday, was the dreaded DPO 7. That's typically when the spotting comes and dashes my hopes for a given cycle.

With the exception of December (and that's because I inexplicably became wrapped up in the possiblity of a Christmas miracle), I haven't been too optimisic about these past few cycles.

I've come to expect disappointment. And while each disappointment is not easy, I think it's somehow easier to accept when you aren't hopeful.

But this cycle, I'm completely unable to manage my expectations.

They are floating higher and higher. I think that I could almost describe myself as giddy with excitement and anticipation. And giddy is not a place I think I want to be when it all comes crashing back down to reality.

I think that it all started with cornbread. We were baking some cornbread and I cracked an egg with two yolks. The next day, my husband made a comment that he thought that little egg with its two yolks was a harbinger. I know, I know - you're obviously thinking it and perhaps we are grasping at straws. A two-yolk egg? really. There are some other reasons too, but I don't really feel like delving into that right now.

Now it's DPO 8 and there's still no sign of any spotting. I keep popping into the bathroom about every half hour to check . Nothing.

I need a distraction . . .


  1. No news (spotting) is good news. Let's hope that egg was a good sign.

  2. I know that scared-to-hope-but-hopeful feeling when the spotting comes late (or not at all in your case, hopefully!).

    Have you had your 7 dpo progesterone checked?

  3. Hillary,

    After doing some sleuthing around the web, I started to suspect that progesterone may be responsible for my mid-cycle spotting. However, I've seen two doctors and neither one tested me for progesterone. I am only at the initial stages of this and will push the test, but it's interesting that they don't seemed too concerned.

  4. Hi! I'm just starting your blog now after seeing it Domestic Reflections. I have been trying to get pregnant for about 7 months now. Who knew it'd be so hard? But, I had a blood test and one of the things that was tested was progesterone. Apparently, it was low, so I took Clomid and I have about days before my period is due, I'm hoping it worked! I'm starting at the beginning of your blog, but I did see that you now have a beautiful baby! Congratulations!