a little of this and a little of that

Typically, I'm sort of a less is more kind of a gal. Apparently not, however, when it comes to this blog. Perhaps it is partially because I'm so new to this medium, but I'm finding it difficult to focus the various different ideas/thoughts/stories/posts.

Originally, I just wanted a place to put the beautiful things that I stumbled across. Things like photographs, illustrations, clothing, a delicious recipe . . .

Then, at just about the same time I got started here, the most personal part of my personal life turned into a regular mix-up. Despite the fact that I ferociously guard my privacy in *real life,* for some reason I decided to publically narrate these experiences.

But, I can't imagine anything more depressing (for me) than to have this be a place exclusively devoted to my fertility or lack thereof. While it has been near-consuming of my thoughts, I am more than just someone trying to get knocked-up.

See what I mean -- even this post rambles from here to there and back again, suspiciously without a conclusion . . .


  1. (here via LFCA) You can post whatever you want--that's the beauty of a blog. I have similar thoughts about not just wanting to be someone who is trying (and failing) to get pregnant. We're all more than that. But even so, it's good to get some of the IF emotions out, along with beautiful pictures, recipes, and non-IF musings. :-)

  2. Welcome to blogging...it's YOUR space and you can use it however you want! That's the beauty of it...and you seem to have no shortage of beauty here...wonderful photos.
    Here from LFCA~ nice to 'meet' you.

  3. Hi. I'm Kate, and I'm Mel (aka Stirrup Queen)'s "clicker" for the "In The Beginning" category of her giant blogroll, and since you recently joined the fabulous ranks of those of us listed on the "In The Beginning" area, I will periodically click through (thus the "clicker" title) your blog to gather news for the Lost and Found/Connections Abound page that Mel maintains.

    Generally, we gather information on things like requests for information, a positive pregnancy test, birthdays, anniversaries, blog milestones (hundredth post, one year of blogging, etc.) or (hopefully never) situations of loss or times when you are calling out with a need for support.

    By merit of existing on the "In The Beginning" category, you have been added to my Google Reader list so that I can keep up with your blog. However, as there are many, many blogs in this category, if you find yourself with something you want to share across the IF community that I haven't caught, please feel free to notify me (or, as always, you can submit items to the LFCA page yourself!). That said, if you'd rather not have your personal news shared on the LFCA page, please let me know now so that I don't share anything that you'd rather not have offered as news to other infertile readers.

    Anyhow, welcome to the In The Beginning blogroll. I'm always glad to find new blogs to read in this category. And, as someone myself who decidedly has a rather, er, scattered purpose to my blog, I am very glad to find new bloggers who share their interests aside from the inner workings of their girly parts!