A Dilemma

The results of the rest of my bloodwork is in -- NORMAL --

I would be happy, but for the fact that I'm facing a dilemma (and of course the existence of that pesky category of unexplained infertility).

I have one more diagnostic** to go but, if I have that test when scheduled, we'd have to refrain from attempting conceive this month. This is because the only available appointment is outside of a special window. On the otherhand, I could reschedule the test for next month during the proper window and we could forge ahead . . .

Delay answers which could delay a baby or delay babymaking?

**(trying not to let the particulars of this test (which make it seem like something I'd be perfectly fine NEVER having) influence my decision)


  1. Hi, I'm here from LFCA.
    sorry you are also facing IF... it's really hard. And I also had many reservations against starting testing. Now I know that knowledge is power. Had I done it sooner, we'd have upped our chances...
    How long have you been TTC?

  2. Thank you for the comment. This is the 10th cycle for my husband and I, so *technically* we don't meet the definition. However, I've used a monitor since the very beginning and still no luck. I just have a feeling, though I hope I am wrong. I'm also hesitant about testing, because I don't know if I am committed to having any interventions. So much to process.